Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top 5 Serial Killers

1. Jack the Ripper
This is probably, one of the most famous members of “butchers’ guild”. In spring 1888 he inspired fear over London killing prostitutes. Though 7 women became his victims, Jack the Ripper was never nobbled. He became famous due to hundreds of books and movies about him.

2. Charles Manson
Another legendary killer became famous in the 1960ths. He led a quasi-commune, which was later called Manson’s Family. In 1969 some members of the Family committed a whole number of murders and Manson was commuted to life imprisonment as he was considered to be an instigator of all crimes.

3. Harold Shipman
Also known as Doctor Death he has been killing people for 23 years. All his 218 victims were his patients, mostly aged people. Shipman killed without any reason. He just liked to imagine himself a god. His victims mostly died of heroin lethal doses. Shipman was commuted to life imprisonment in 2000.

4. Andrew Chikatilo
This Russian maniac is well known all over the word. He was executed in 1994 for 53 (65 according to some data) premeditated murders: 21 boys, 14 girls, and 17 grown-up women.

5. Anatoliy Onoprienko
This is one of the most bloodthirsty maniacs of former Soviet Union. For years he has been travelling around Ukraine and killing people mostly for no reason. He is still alive and serves his life imprisonment in one of Ukrainian prisons for murdering 52 people.

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